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Harmony is available on ATN’s Star Plus Channel...

Every Saturday 9:00 AM MT - 10:00 AM MT and 11 am EST


What We Do

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Production House

We produce half an hour of full of entertainment show on Asian television network. Our program consists entertainment news, views and valuable information. we interview personalities who made their name world wide, we discuss general but important issues and share useful information. we give tips and tricks in our interactive segment. Our art and culture segment has contemporary yet traditional modern arts and crafts along with some coverage of cultural activities happening across the Globe. Our passion to engage audience and provide latest information made us a unique show among all local broadcasters.


News & Events

Find out what's going on latest with Harmony TV. Our passion to engage audience and provide latest information made us a unique show among all local broadcasters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach to regular ATN viewers through various segments, discuss interesting topics and share valuable information. We want to celebrate our multicultural life style in Canadian way.

We maintain:
- high quality
- high intensity of sharing information
- legal and sensitive matters with our viewers through taking expert advice.

Our programs present our cultural values. We approach Canadian arts and cultural heritage through our entertainment segments.

Our Team

Yash Pal Sharma (Director)

I am a Science Post Graduate having diploma in marketing management and equipped with 32 years marketing and sales experience. I am owner of Asian Tribune- a south Asian newspaper which is read by 40,000 Asians in Edmonton and Calgary...

Gunvant Jani

I am Harmony's back stage magician. What you see on screen is fine product of my expertise and knowledge. I served Indian Television Channel 'Door Darshan' for more than 3 decades. I am also a gold medalist in Journalism and gem in...

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We have been broadcasting the show on ATN since 5th of October 2013 on Every Saturday 9:00 AM MT - 10:00 AM MT and 11 am EST